Dec 7, 2011

Luis von Ahn on

Check out this amazing TED Talk:

Luis von Ahn: Massive-scale online collaboration

Jul 12, 2011
What would happen if we decided that kindness was more important than proving ourselves knowledgeable, smart, or right?
Sean Dennison (Unitarian Universalist, minister)

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Jun 2, 2011
Apr 22, 2011

Funny things happen between Target & Costco.

Apr 17, 2011
Our missiology does not call us to convert our neighbors, but to embrace them, learn from them, and support them. We take our children out of our house to visit the other houses.
Rebecca Ann Parker (via redpillbrethren)
Apr 15, 2011

Faith reduced to three questions

What? So what? and Now what?

with thanks to Phil Lund of Phil’s Little Blog on the Prairie

Apr 11, 2011

Millennial Donors

"This year, Millennial donors once again blended their preference for technology with a desire for something truly time-honored: trust."

Apr 9, 2011

Experimental Buddhism | Tricycle

Before an individual “becomes” Zen, Vajrayana, Pure Land, or any of the other schools now accessible globally through actual and virtual sites, most newcomers to Buddhism as well as many born into a Buddhist tradition, inhabit a loose category of what I call “experimental Buddhists.” 

Apr 8, 2011

Tiny Buddha Quotes

If you knew time was running out, what would you stop waiting to do?

Apr 6, 2011
We have confused the free with the “free and easy”.
Adlai E. Stevenson (Unitarian Universalist, politician)

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